Company Background

AVT International Limited is part of the group of APEX ACE Holding Limited, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Stock code: 6036

Hong Kong-based semiconductor and electronic components distributor

We principally engage in the supply of digital storage products, active and passive general electronic components, main chip in automotive, computing, communication and consumer markets, along with the provision of our complimentary technical support. Our customers are primarily market players in the TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) sector in the PRC and Hong Kong.

High adaptability

Our Strengths

Ability to scale sustainably

Our Vision

To provide high quality products and value-added services to all our customers and to become our customers’ first priority supplier and partner.

Working for customer satisfaction

Our Services

We have Power that Brings Smile on your Fact

Business analysis to increase market share: Provide business development information and analysis to help customers expand market segments.

Product Technical Support

Provide product technical support and work with customers on site.

Integration Services

Train customers to understand product specifications and schematics, solve software and hardware problems.

Optimal plan recommendation

Recommend products with higher performance to cost ratio.

Support multi-currency settlement.

a. Customized service and Customized label for customers
b. Maintain sufficient inventory in advance to meet end customer demand